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[spox] Re: Pick up for speakers

Dear All,

I don't think we can spare any manpower to pick up the speakers, unfortunately. Plus, as Stefan said, Manchester is very easy to get around. I believe most speakers have ample conference attending experiences and can manage very well how to get to the conference venues and the place you're going to stay.

We can always provide more information about direction if the questions you have in mind haven't yet been addressed on the visitors FAQ page.


Best wishes,

Stefan Merten wrote:
Hi Christina, Jacco, Johan and all,

in our conference planning system you could check a box "Person needs
to be picked up". Christina, Jacco, and Johan did. Of course we will
provide a pickup service when you really need it. On the other hand
Manchester is not too complicated and with the information at

I think it should be possible to get to the conference venue by

In case you still prefer to being picked up please make sure that your
travel details in the planning system are correct and drop me and
Yuwei (Cc-ed) a note.



Yuwei Lin | yuwei at ylin dot org


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