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[spox] Re: Pre-conference meetings

Hi Stefan, 

Yes, I was talking about Friday, and not Saturday. 

I will try to be at 12h30 (Friday) for the helpers gathering. 

See you there,

В 15:33 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] на 25.03.2009 (ср), Stefan Merten написа:
Dear Christina and all,

6 days ago Christina Haralanova wrote:
Stefan Merten:
What we need most is a place to meet. From there we can walk to some
pre-selected restaurant or look for one. Since some speakers will be
at the Etap hotel and since the directions to the hotel are well
explained I'd suggest this as a meeting place. Say 20:00.

According to me, 20h00 is too late. I would have travelled all the
previous night and probably not slept much, which might be the case with
other people who come from far away, too. 

And since we are finishing with the sessions at 16h30-17h00 that day,
why not just get out from the venue together and go for an early dinner

I'm sorry but you are talking of Friday, obviously. I was talking of
Thursday. In fact for Friday there are no plans yet.

Unless there is a better suggestion I'd put this to the visitor FAQ as

The same applies to a lunch on Friday. In Universities it's normally
easy to have lunch during the week so meeting at the University place
at 11:30, have lunch and do some preparation work would probably be

Maybe at 12h00?

Helpers will meet on Friday at 12.30 University Place for a quick
lunch and to start the preparations on-site. AFAICS it is building 37
on the map:

The Visitors Centre is also there so it should be easy to find.

Every helping hand is welcome of course.




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