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Re: [spox] Oh bloody hell, I'm *nearly* double booked

Let me suggest a technique: Best Buy Rental. A lot of stores in the US have an unconditional 30 day return guarantee: you buy it, you tape the talk, you take it back. Not super ethical, but this stuff is important and we should do what we can to get it covered.

And I think it's just plain old miscommunication with Open Knowledge Foundation - they'd be amazed I only just found out. Also possible a spam filter ate a vital message or something, these things happen.

At least they're not at the same time, eh?


Vinay Gupta
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On Mar 25, 2009, at 5:12 PM, Stefan Merten wrote:

Dear Vinay,

4 hours ago Vinay Gupta wrote:
Hi everyone. I just discovered that I'm on the program for the Open
Knowledge Foundation gig on Saturday. I'd had preliminary discussions
with them and did not realize they had put me on the program until
Mark Charmer mentioned it on the phone this morning.

That's scandalous - isn't it.

I'm really sorry about this, guys. Please be 110% sure to video your
presentations, because you know that I really, really want to be there.

Sorry, no videos. Hopefully audios.




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