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[spox] Accommodation during conference

Dear all,

I'm trying to organize accommodation at the moment. I'll try to
organize accommodation for all speakers so you don't have the hassle
with booking and the like.

I think we have three categories of speakers:

* Simple

  I'm happy with some place on the floor and would not mind a room
  with multiple persons.

* Standard

  I need more comfort and would like to have a single room.

* None

  I can organize accommodation myself.

For simple and standard there is also the question whether you can pay
for accommodation or whether you need refunding. We certainly can't
pay for everyone but at the moment I think we'll have some budget left
for a limited amount of accommodation.

By default I assume that each speaker needs accommodation for two
nights (Fri => Sat, Sat => Sun).

Here I need your help. Please answert the following questions:

1. What category is right for you?

2. Do you need refunding for accommodation?

3. Do you need more or less nights because of your travelling?

Please send the answer to me privately to not burden the list with
this. Please send the answer until

	Sunday, March, 1st

Please also send an answer if you already said what you need. If you
don't answer I assume you are in category None (i.e. you will care for
accommodation yourself).

At the moment I figured out these options:

* Simple

  * Manchester Youth Hostel

    This is a Youth Hostel mainly with 4-bed-rooms. Prices start at
    about 23GBP. There are group rates also.

* Standard

  * Etap Hotel Manchester

    A standard Etap Hotel. Prices start at 32GBP.

  * Gardens Hotel

    A standard but rather cheap hotel. Closer to the venue than the
    Etap hotel. Prices start at 40GBP.

* Private

  In addition there may be some free private beds from local persons
  as well as from CouchSurfers.

If I know what you need I'm going to book rooms for you.



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