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[spox] Re: Pick up for speakers

Hi Stefan and all,

Thanks for your instructions. I checked "pick up from airport" because
there was such option :))) Now that you mention, I saw there is a train
to Manchester Picadilly for £3.10... and it is not far, not expensive...
therefore, not need to worry about us.

In fact, I will be leaving early on the 29th (what a pity, because I am
going to miss the final session), but I will be arriving quite early on
the 27th. So, my question is: would you like me to go straight to the
venue and help out with some preparations, or join some early group for
lunch.. or shall I self-organise until 14h00 so that I am not in the

Best regards,


В 14:55 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] на 14.03.2009 (сб), Stefan Merten написа:
Hi Christina, Jacco, Johan and all,

in our conference planning system you could check a box "Person needs
to be picked up". Christina, Jacco, and Johan did. Of course we will
provide a pickup service when you really need it. On the other hand
Manchester is not too complicated and with the information at

I think it should be possible to get to the conference venue by

In case you still prefer to being picked up please make sure that your
travel details in the planning system are correct and drop me and
Yuwei (Cc-ed) a note.




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