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Pre-conference meetings (was: Re: [spox] Re: Pick up for speakers)

Hi all!

2 days ago Christina Haralanova wrote:
So, my question is: would you like me to go straight to the
venue and help out with some preparations, or join some early group for
lunch.. or shall I self-organise until 14h00 so that I am not in the

AFAICS a helping hand is always appreciated at the moment.

But this brings me to a point I wanted to make anyway.

I'll arrive on Thursday and some speakers are present on Thursday
already as well. I'd find it great to have dinner together. 

What we need most is a place to meet. From there we can walk to some
pre-selected restaurant or look for one. Since some speakers will be
at the Etap hotel and since the directions to the hotel are well
explained I'd suggest this as a meeting place. Say 20:00.

Unless there is a better suggestion I'd put this to the visitor FAQ as

The same applies to a lunch on Friday. In Universities it's normally
easy to have lunch during the week so meeting at the University place
at 11:30, have lunch and do some preparation work would probably be

Any improvements? Other ideas? Yuwei?



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