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[spox] Papers and other conference documentation


Two of you asked me about the papers / other written conference
documentation (it feels so good if people read the FAQs :-) - thanks
Tatiana and Franz!).

Well, in fact the original plan was to have all the papers or other
written conference documentation before the conference so I don't need
to ask for it after the conference. Unfortunately after the conference
some speakers tend to not deliver anything so requesting it before the
conference is always a good idea.

However, at the moment it simply makes no sense to require papers from
you. I'm not able to process them anyway.

I hope I can trust all of you that you will provide written
documentation during or after the conference.

The preferred option is to have real papers (not too long but
generally at your option) but slides are also acceptable.

As for the format: I probably will convert things to a simple ASCII
based format anyway so the more ASCII your format is the better:

1. reStructuredText

2. Plain ASCII


4. OpenOffice text format (.odt)

5. OpenOffice presentation format (.odp)

6. M$ formats accessible by OpenOffice 2.3

PDF is very bad since it is hard to post-process. An assortment of
formats is best so I can choose what works best.



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