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[spox] Final accommodation assignment

Dear all,

here is the accommodation assignment for your information.

These are the bookings in the Etap hotel:

* From Thursday, March 26th - Tuesday, March 31st:

  * 1 room for double occupancy (Mathieu O'Neil, Diego Saravia).

* From Thursday, March 26th - Sunday, March 29th:

  * 1 room for single occupancy (Stefan Merten)

* From Friday, March 27th - Sunday, March 29th:

  * 2 rooms for single occupancy (Herbert Hrachovec, Philippe Aigrain)

* From Friday, March 27th - Monday, March 30th:

  * 1 room for single occupancy (Franz Nahrada)

For those who are paying their room themselves: A room costs ~36.80EUR
per night. I'll pay the whole bill at the hotel. Please give the money
back to me during the conference.

These are the assignments for private accommodation:

* Phoebe

  * Michel Bauwens

* Yuwei and neighbours (Fri => Sun)

  * Jacco Lammers

  * Christian Siefkes

  * Tatiana Bazzichelli

  * Christina Haralanova

  @Jacco/Christian: Could you arrange the details yourself with Yuwei

* Stavros (Couch Surfer) (Fri => Sun)

  * Smári McCarthy

  * Marcin Jakubowski

* Mick

  * Johan Söderberg

  * Raoul Victor

  This is not fully confirmed yet but the preconditions are set
  meanwhile. I'll check this out in private mail.



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