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Re: [spox] Papers and other conference documentation

Dear speakers,

2 weeks (16 days) ago Stefan Merten wrote:
Well, in fact the original plan was to have all the papers or other
written conference documentation before the conference so I don't need
to ask for it after the conference. Unfortunately after the conference
some speakers tend to not deliver anything so requesting it before the
conference is always a good idea.

However, at the moment it simply makes no sense to require papers from
you. I'm not able to process them anyway.

I hope I can trust all of you that you will provide written
documentation during or after the conference.

some of you already did. Thanks for this.

For the others: Please do soon.

The preferred option is to have real papers (not too long but
generally at your option) but slides are also acceptable.

As for the format: I probably will convert things to a simple ASCII
based format anyway so the more ASCII your format is the better:

I changed my mind on this after seeing some of the slides on the
conference which were really works of art :-) . I just will put the
material on the website as I get it. That is: If it comes in or I can
transform it to PDF or a free format.

I'll also post the documentation to the main Oekonux discussion list
[ox-en] step by step. See

for more information on this mailing list and an extensive archive.

Indeed today [ox-en] is the core list of Oekonux consisting of ~120
participants at the moment. It is suited very well to continue the
discussion which started on the conference. The list traffic normally
is moderate (1 mail per day as a long term average) and as the Oekonux
maintainer I keep an eye on the list that it runs smoothly. I.e.: I
handle troll problems and off-topicness. Lately I had little time for
this but I'm looking forward to fully engage in [ox-en] again.

Some of you are already subscribed there and some subscribed shortly.
I'd appreciate if others could do as well. Also Franz already started
some gathering of post-conference activities. See

and the following, still short thread.



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