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Re: [spox] Oekonux 2.0?

Hi Mathieu and all!

@Mathieu: Many thanks for your extensive considerations and
suggestions. I think a lot if not all are very useful suggestions.

This reply needs to be short because this weekend I have to update
three computers from Gutsy to Hardy so I get an update to a long-term
Ubuntu version before the one I'm using runs out - and there are only
a few kilometers left before my first post-conference weekend ;-) .

Today mathieu wrote:
Well, this is just to get the ball rolling. If anyone is interested, let's
talk. But where? I had a look at the Oekonux English discussion list and
it seems very theory-oriented. Do the people on that list want to discuss
coordination of comix also? It would be good to have some guidance /
opinion about this point. I will repost there if that is seen as a good

Franz just started a thread about this topic and it is fine with me.
This is an important topic and all of Oekonux should be included at
least in gathering ideas.

In Oekonux we have a general separation of mailing lists into content
/ discussion (mainly [ox-en] nowadays) and [pox] for organizational
topics. See

Though the pages are (still) in German the list is in English today. I
think this is a useful separation and I think at least partly answers
your question. If this doesn't suffice we can have more specialized
mailing lists without any problems. All infrastructure is run directly
by the project and new things can be added as soon as there is a
volunteer for it. I'm happy to create mailing lists if they make



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