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Re: [spox] Re: Oekonux 2.0?

Hi Mathieu,

its really good to see how some ideas about the future create resonance. I
want to specify some points where I agree wuth you.

* Award for Outstanding Achievements in Peer Production

This is an activity which will force us naturally to deeply consider and
evaluate the things that are going on instead of looking at them
superficially. The main benefit is that we really have to challenge each
other on quality and useability of things and creations instead of
reproducing the developers mantra that "my stuff is simply the best
because I do it out of fun" (sorry, did not mean to hurt anybody!)

I suggest we create a Wiki page on this on either the Oekonux Wiki or the
P2P wiki and start filling in ideas.

** Categories
** Criteria
** Jury Members
** Sponsors
** Organizers

* Oekonux Website

Could be really a not only "critical", but also "in-depth" and
"subjective" resource about ongoing developments. It would be great to see
Oekonx 2.0 as an international editorial board of a resource collection
that is not primarily looking at facts (Michel does that now with great
diligence) but rather at evaluations of what is going on. Do not know how
Stefan feels about that, but I would see Oekonux 2.0 as an international
board of authors and theorists that discuss with each other. not primarily
on the mailing list, but in a more theoretical essayist way. My motto is:
Nobody looks at archives. Things gotta be ordered and reordered.

Keimform and P2P Foundation have filled our hunger for facts and factoids,
now its maybe time again for a more theoretical perspective and "grand
views", but also what you are asking for, the strategical and practical
discussions about how we can communicate to many many more people our
theoretical findings and political strategies.

all the best



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