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[spox] Oekonux Conference article in Linux Magazine

Dear Stefan, Yuwei, and all,

Herewith you can find a short article I am sending to the Linux magazine
( for their World News section. 

Please let me know if there are factual mistakes, or in case you wish me
to change anything. I think tomorrow is the deadline, after that it will
be published. 

Best regards,

@NT:The World of Peer Production in Open Source
@#:Christina Haralanova
@NL:More than 100 participants and 20 speakers attended the 4th Oekonux
Conference in Manchester, UK, at the last weekend in March. Under the
title "Free Software and Beyond. The World of Peer Production" the
conference brought together researchers, activists, students and


@NL:An enormous variety of sessions divided into three parallel tracks
could appeal to almost any curious open source and peer production
devotee. Some more theoretical presentations were related to virtual
communities and development process, leadership in open source
communities, women's participation in software development, peer
production based economies, as well as political scenarios and
limitations. In line with these, project and location based lectures
covered topics like open source car, free farming, open street maps,
free software in Latin America, indigenous communities and cyberspace.
The speakers invited came from Australia, Canada, England, Germany,
Denmark, Iceland, and Argentina.

@NL:“There is
 probably no other place on this planet where engineers and political
 people, thinkers and practitioners, scientists and activists come
 together in such an open and constructive atmosphere,” said Stefan
Merten, the main organizer and the founder of the Oekonux Foundation, at
the closing session.



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