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Conference schedule V1.1 (was: [spox] Conference schedule V1.0)

Hi speakers!

6 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
I now created the conference schedule 1.0. This should undergo only
minor changes now. In particular the scheduled events should not be
moved around any more.

I just completed schedule V1.1.

What may happen is that we start later on Friday (probably 16:00) but
I can not confirm this yet. This would be better so people arriving
later in Manchester can attend more events.

This has not been changed. We start at 14:00 o'clock and end on 17:00
on Friday.

Rose is now in the last slot on Saturday which at the
moment is a slot consisting of unconfirmed speakers only.

Meanwhile I got a reply from McKenzie who unfortunately can not come.
Rose and Christopher didn't reply - though Rose replied before and was
quite enthusiastic about the conference. I hope she is well.

Since because of this a whole slot has been removed I now shifted all
slots on Saturday so they are one slot later now. There are no
relative changes and AFAICS nobody wanted to leave on Saturday
evening so this should be no problem for anyone.

The reason for this shift was mainly to get a free slot on Saturday
morning where I could put the traditional Oekonux introduction we had
during every conference :-) . Since we have lots of attendees who do
not know Oekonux well I think this is a good idea.

@Michel: If you like we can share this slot and have a combined
introduction into Oekonux and P2P Foundation in the first slot on
Saturday. If you like please get back to me by private email to check
out the details. I'm planning to give the intro I gave in

I just uploaded the new schedule to the usual place at

You may need to reload in your browser to get V1.1.

There are also now real rooms. Please check

for the meaning of the room numbers.



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