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Re: [spox] Pick up for speakers

Dear all!

2 days ago Diego Saravia wrote:
2009/3/14 Stefan Merten <smerten>
in our conference planning system you could check a box "Person needs
to be picked up". Christina, Jacco, and Johan did.

I get to the checkbox, but when I save, system says: "passwords don't mach"


I will be arriving Manchester by British Airways, BA2908, 26MAR09 17:15
Terminal 3.

I don't know if I need to be picked or not.

Perhaps if you tell me where to go and how, it's ok.

I think so. In your case and for a few others it's important to get to
the hotel first. I updated the visitor FAQ meanwhile. Please check

for directions to the Etap hotel. There are also some links for
instance to the directions page of the hotel so I think it should be

2 days ago Franz Nahrada wrote:
the question is: how do we get from Picadilly to the conference venue?

As Smári said the University area is very close to Picadilly. In the


there are links to Google Maps and directions pages of the University.
I think this will suffice.

Johan and Jacco told me they will find their way. What about you

If anyone has a good idea on how to improve the tips in the visitor
FAQ then feel free to mention them here.



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