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[spox] VideoBridging Oekonux ?

speakers writes:
If we do it, all it requires is a mac or PC with internet connections  
and ideally an ichat [or similar free software] connection, less  
ideally but suitable, skype [or GNU equivalent]  (plus a microphone,  
camera and projector) -- plus testing and confirmation several days in  
advance, and this must be tested on-site, not in some other set-up.

With ichat [or  FS equivalent] or similar I can control my PPTs from  
here and also speak live (and intermittently show my face too). With  
skype [or FS equivalent] I can only speak and show my face, but the  
PPT has to be controlled by someone on-site in Manchester (advancing  
it when I sgnal aloud).

I can be available for test trials during the conference, perhaps  
before/after or between sessions.


we are experimenting with that Video Stuff constantly. Yes, its a pity
that free software solutions do not work well yet, we must still team up
here with commercial providers.

I have a dedicated meeting room on a scopia multipoint conferencing unit
that can handle many kinds of H264 sources.

see the technical details here:

I could gladly provide a testing access for that purpose. Its a pity that
stuff works better on Windows - but I wish we could hack into it with
Macintosh and Linux H264 clients.

beside that, it now all depends on the speed of the connection and on
elimination bottlenecks.

The good thing about Scopia (and also the latest beta of Skype) is that
now you can do screensharing and presentations easily. In theory.

Scopia can also handle multipoint interactivity and streaming as well as
recording, so we might have some leverage.

I think even if anything fails we need to learn to work with this. 

Synchronous Telecooperation is the key to Open Source Hardware projects. 

Video and screensharing are part of ST.



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