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Re: [spox] Conference schedule V0.8

just a thought....

Stefan Merten wrote:
Hi Stevan, Johan, all!

6 days ago Stevan Harnad wrote:
I have to reiterate that the only way I can attend is via skype or 
ichat. I will be unable to fly to Europe live.

Oops that comes unexpected. I think I made clear in our private mail
exchange that we want to have people personally in Manchester. Since
you didn't reacted I thought you agree.

Please let me know 
whether you can arrange a skype teleconference for my presentation (I 
have done that many times in the past 2 years).

I attended such a presentation in Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala, India)
and found it very unsatisfactory :-( .

Although there is a lot to be said for physical presence vs.
telepresence - for sure - it is also worth taking note of the fact that
telepresence technologies are becoming more and more fashionable - often
used simply to reduce travel costs and to present a company as "green".

However, as part of this trend there is a push by Cisco and others to
develop incredibly costly, environmentally unsound and non-free software
based systems that don't really make much of a change, except lowering
the quality of the meeting. If not from gatherings like Oekonux, then
where should Free Software based, low emissions telepresence code,
protocols, techniques and experiences come from?

If anyone had the energy and inclination it would be great to see this
happen in a manner other than Cisco's.


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