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Re: [spox] Conference schedule V0.8

On 1-Mar-09, at 6:13 AM, Stefan Merten wrote:

Hi Stevan, Johan, all!

6 days ago Stevan Harnad wrote:
I have to reiterate that the only way I can attend is via skype or
ichat. I will be unable to fly to Europe live.

Oops that comes unexpected. I think I made clear in our private mail
exchange that we want to have people personally in Manchester. Since
you didn't reacted I thought you agree.

Please let me know
whether you can arrange a skype teleconference for my presentation (I
have done that many times in the past 2 years).

I attended such a presentation in Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala, India)
and found it very unsatisfactory :-( .

Well, at the moment I have no idea whether we will manage to set this
up. In any case it would be easier on Friday so I exchanged Stevan and
Johan hoping Johan won't mind.

Dear Stefan et al:

Ok, I await your final decision. If it is decided to drop it, my apologies for the misunderstanding.

I just want to reiterate that it does work, it is done more and more, and I have done it a number of times, but it does have to be tested and confirmed in advance; if not, it can fail in real time and that is of course very undesirable.

(The Kerala session was done with a free software that had some bugs; but I actually had the impression that the session -- apart from my little row with RMS -- had worked. Of course if you, who were there, feel it did not, Stefan, then by all means let us cancel it here).

If we do it, all it requires is a mac or PC with internet connections and ideally an ichat [or similar free software] connection, less ideally but suitable, skype [or GNU equivalent] (plus a microphone, camera and projector) -- plus testing and confirmation several days in advance, and this must be tested on-site, not in some other set-up.

With ichat [or FS equivalent] or similar I can control my PPTs from here and also speak live (and intermittently show my face too). With skype [or FS equivalent] I can only speak and show my face, but the PPT has to be controlled by someone on-site in Manchester (advancing it when I sgnal aloud).

I can be available for test trials during the conference, perhaps before/after or between sessions.

Best wishes,

Stevan Harnad
American Scientist Open Access Forum

Chaire de recherche du Canada		Professor of Cognitive Science
Institut des sciences cognitives			Electronics & Computer Science
Universite du Quebec a Montreal		University of Southampton
Montreal, Quebec					Highfield, Southampton
Canada  H3C 3P8					SO17 1BJ United Kingdom


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