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Re: [spox] Re: PPTmovie

Dear Stevan.

Today Stevan Harnad wrote:
I have done as much as I could.

manchesterP2P.htm       26-Mar-2009 00:08  1.4K 
manchesterP2P.ppt       26-Mar-2009 00:17  3.7M 
     26-Mar-2009 00:07    -

I downloaded them all and will see how we can use them. I'm pretty
sure I'll find away. May be it is just simple.

Today Stevan Harnad wrote:
Because of the many flaws in the ppt-htm, I've also uploaded a PDF.  
Together with the (audio from) the 32 .mov files, that will give you  
the 32 slides with narration:

Downloaded this also.

It is four hours earlier here, so at 14:00 in Manchester it is 10:00  
in Montreal. I will stand by from 10-12 (but then I must leave). My  
phone number is 1-514-285-4948.


You should send me your phone number  
too, as I may be able to skype-call it.

I'll send my mobile phone number in a few minutes but because it is a
German mobile phone it might be not a good idea to use it.
Unfortunately there is no landline phone in the room :-/ .



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