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[spox] Fwd: [hox] FOOD TONIGHT

Dear speakers,

please see the question of Phoebe below.

I don't have exact numbers yet but I hope it will be close to 15. I
know of Diego, me, Phoebe, probably Michel. May be you can drop a line
cc-ing pvm.doc .

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Date:  Thu, 26 Mar 2009 11:19:24 [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]
From:  phoebe moore <pvm.doc>
Subject:  [hox] FOOD TONIGHT
To:  helpers, Stefan Merten <smerten>,
        Fielding Steven <Steven.Fielding>
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Is there a way to email all conference speakers please to let them know the
booking for dinner tonight is from 7.30 at Dimitri's, and to please confirm
with me. I'm at the animation and automation conference today at Whitworth
gallery so won't be able to take calls but my mobile number is 07588 882665
if someone could give me an update at some point regarding possible numbers
of diners, particularly in the case that there are more than less!!!

I have booked for 15 people since I have only heard back from one person,
and they are a bit strict on the numbers particularly if we go over. So it
would be great to get some idea of how many people are actually coming.


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