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[spox] Microsoft's "optimized" ppt-htm has lots of flaws

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Because of the many flaws in the ppt-htm, I've also uploaded a PDF. Together with the (audio from) the 32 .mov files, that will give you the 32 slides with narration:

Chrs, Stevan

On 25-Mar-09, at 9:50 PM, Stevan Harnad wrote:

Dear Stefan,

I have done as much as I could. I have now created these files: The htm is web-viewable, but only with Internet Explorer. (A dirty trick by microsoft, but I don't know how to get around t.) The ppt file contains all my 32 slides. manchesterP2P.htm 26-Mar-2009 00:08 1.4K manchesterP2P.ppt 26-Mar-2009 00:17 3.7M 26-Mar-2009 00:07 - When you run the PPT's 32 slides, you will see it does not find the associated sound files. The 32 sound files for the 32 PPT slides are in the manchesterP2P_files/ directory, as follows:  602K -- 1  1.6M -- 2   645K -- 3   10M  -- 4  2.3M -- 5   2.4M -- 6  5.3M  -- 7  1.4M  -- 8  968K  -- 9  705K  -- 10  1.5M  -- 11  1.3M  -- 12  1.6M  -- 13  1.8M  -- 14  903K  -- 15  712K  -- 16  400K  -- 17  1.8M  -- 18  878K  -- 19  1.3M  -- 20  1.3M  -- 21 1.1M  -- 22  3.9M  -- 23  1.4M  -- 24  895K  -- 25  1.4M  -- 26  871K  -- 27  1.0M  -- 28  1.1M  -- 29  1.8M  -- 30  1.1M  -- 21  1.9M   -- 32
If you cannot run the htm (which links automatically to all the video and audio) because it is Internet Explorer, but you can still run the PPT, then I suggest running the .mov files in parallel, with or without the video, on another machine. I announce in the audio for each slide when you should switch to the next slide.

It is four hours earlier here, so at 14:00 in Manchester it is 10:00 in Montreal. I will stand by from 10-12 (but then I must leave). My phone number is 1-514-285-4948. You should send me your phone number too, as I may be able to skype-call it.

Best wishes,


On 25-Mar-09, at 5:01 PM, Stefan Merten wrote:

Dear Stevan,

18 minutes ago Stevan Harnad wrote:
I would be grateful if someone would take the time to tell me what you
are willing/able to use and what not.

the question is not whether I'm willing but whether I'm able. I'm not
sure whether you have noticed this but this whole conference is also
about Free Software. So I think you understand that I have no Windows
infrastructure and thus you need to stick to standards.

Also I already said what I would prefer:

* An MP3 with the recorded audio, WAV would also work though it is a
 bit huge

* Slides if need be in ppt format (*not* pptx), PDF is also fine

Anything else is nice to have but given the difficulties with your
proprietary software infrastructure seems infeasible to me. So it
would be great if you could just deliver what I asked for.



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