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[spox] Change of filenames for my htm and .mov files

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Hi Stefan:

The filenames have changed, and this time the htm version should work correctly (but only with explorer, and perhaps only with explorer on a Mac). The .mov files are now also correct.

Chrs, S

 manchesterP2P.pdf           26-Mar-2009 02:31  2.1M
 manchesterP2P.ppt           26-Mar-2009 00:17  3.7M

 manchesterP2P.ppt.htm       27-Mar-2009 01:42  1.5K

 manchesterP2P.ppt_fichiers/ 27-Mar-2009 02:00    -               27-Mar-2009 01:46  603K               27-Mar-2009 01:47  1.6M               27-Mar-2009 01:47  646K               27-Mar-2009 01:49   10M               27-Mar-2009 01:49  2.3M               27-Mar-2009 01:50  2.4M               27-Mar-2009 01:51  5.3M               27-Mar-2009 01:51  1.4M               27-Mar-2009 01:51  970K               27-Mar-2009 01:51  707K               27-Mar-2009 01:52  1.5M               27-Mar-2009 01:52  1.3M               27-Mar-2009 01:52  1.6M               27-Mar-2009 01:53  1.8M               27-Mar-2009 01:53  905K               27-Mar-2009 01:53  713K               27-Mar-2009 01:53  401K               27-Mar-2009 01:53  1.8M               27-Mar-2009 01:54  879K               27-Mar-2009 01:54  1.3M               27-Mar-2009 01:54  1.3M               27-Mar-2009 01:54  1.1M               27-Mar-2009 01:55  4.0M               27-Mar-2009 01:55  1.4M               27-Mar-2009 01:56  897K               27-Mar-2009 01:56  1.4M               27-Mar-2009 01:56  873K               27-Mar-2009 01:56  1.0M               27-Mar-2009 01:57  1.1M               27-Mar-2009 01:57  1.8M               27-Mar-2009 01:57  1.1M               27-Mar-2009 01:58  1.9M
On 26-Mar-09, at 6:50 AM, Stevan Harnad wrote:

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Dear Stefan,

Note that the 32 .mov files need not be shown as video. It is enough if you can project their sound to a loudspeaker while the PPT PDF is being shown, and simply have someone advance the PDF in synchronization with the audio, in which I announce when to advance the slides, and which slide number (of the 32) is next each time.

The list I sent you, containing the MB size of each of the 32 .mov files also gives an approximate idea of how long the audio for each slide is: they range from the shortest of about a half minute, to the longest, which is about 9 minutes.

But it is important to make sure you use only the 32 filenames I listed, and in that order (because microsoft added some spurious dupilcate .mov files that must be ignored or removed from the list of files at

Please make sure to consult and use the ordered list of .mov filesnames I sent (and re-send below).

For the phone connection, I will try to skype to your phone number as soon as I receive it. If the quality is not good enough, you will have to phone my numer instead -- 1-514-285-4948 -- to make an audio connection.

In addition, if there is someone at the live session who is not so orthodox about using only OS/FS, and happens to have a PC that can connect via skype, I would be very grateful for a "live" skype connection during my slide presentation, so I can follow it too, before the audio discussion...

Best wishes,


File list again:  602K -- 1  1.6M -- 2   645K -- 3   10M  -- 4 longest about 9 minutes  2.3M -- 5   2.4M -- 6  5.3M  -- 7 next-longest about 5 minutes  1.4M  -- 8  968K  -- 9  705K  -- 10  1.5M  -- 11  1.3M  -- 12  1.6M  -- 13  1.8M  -- 14  903K  -- 15  712K  -- 16  400K  -- 17 shortest about 30 seconds  1.8M  -- 18  878K  -- 19  1.3M  -- 20  1.3M  -- 21 1.1M  -- 22  3.9M  -- 23 next-next longest about 4 minutes  1.4M  -- 24  895K  -- 25  1.4M  -- 26  871K  -- 27  1.0M  -- 28  1.1M  -- 29  1.8M  -- 30  1.1M  -- 31  1.9M   -- 32

On 26-Mar-09, at 6:33 AM, Stefan Merten wrote:

Dear Stevan.

Today Stevan Harnad wrote:
I have done as much as I could.

manchesterP2P.htm       26-Mar-2009 00:08  1.4K
manchesterP2P.ppt       26-Mar-2009 00:17  3.7M
   26-Mar-2009 00:07    -

I downloaded them all and will see how we can use them. I'm pretty
sure I'll find away. May be it is just simple.

Today Stevan Harnad wrote:
Because of the many flaws in the ppt-htm, I've also uploaded a PDF.
Together with the (audio from) the 32 .mov files, that will give you
the 32 slides with narration:

Downloaded this also.

It is four hours earlier here, so at 14:00 in Manchester it is 10:00
in Montreal. I will stand by from 10-12 (but then I must leave). My
phone number is 1-514-285-4948.


You should send me your phone number
too, as I may be able to skype-call it.

I'll send my mobile phone number in a few minutes but because it is a
German mobile phone it might be not a good idea to use it.
Unfortunately there is no landline phone in the room :-/ .



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