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Re: [spox] Conference schedule V1.0

Hi Tatiana, Yuwei, Christina, Johan, all!

6 days ago Tatiana Bazzichelli wrote:
for me it is fine, even if I am at the same time of the talk about women which I really wanted to attend :(

Btw, I understand it is complicated to make everybody happy, therefore no problem if my request creates too much stress for you.

It's not because of the stress for me but because of the stress for
attenders needing to rearrange their personal schedule every few days
- if they get aware of all the changes at all.

6 days ago Yuwei Lin wrote:
Indeed, it's a shame. I really want to attend both Christina and Tatiana's 

6 days ago Christina Haralanova wrote:
Well, me too, I wish I could be at Tatiana's presentation, too.

Well, I rearranged the program based on a few personal preferences
before and that was probably my first mistake :-/ . Well, ok then but
for the last time...

Being in the same track I'll exchange Tatiana and Johan this evening
and export version 1.2.



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