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Re: [spox] Conference schedule V0.8

Hi Smári and Mathieu!

2 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
4 days ago Smári McCarthy wrote:
  I'm in the process of trying to find tickets.. apparently, the airline
that flies directly to Manchester from here doesn't fly on
Friday/Sunday, so I'm going to have to transfer through London. Figures.

Please check carefully. It might be cheaper for us to get you one or
two more nights of accommodation than a possibly expensive flight via
London - if this works for you. The amount is probably ~90EUR. I.e. if
your flight via London costs more than 90EUR more than a direct flight
to Manchester - and you can stay longer - than please use the direct

As I said in private mail already: It's ok how it is now.

  Due to this it seems I will not be able to arrive until around 17:00
in Manchester on the Friday, so I request that my talk be pushed onto
the Saturday if at all possible.

I'll do this anyway.

I exchanged with Mathieu so Mathieu is now in the last slot on Friday.



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