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Re: [spox] *Very* preliminary conference program online

Hi Stefan

Looking good, but you might want to check how inverted commas <"> come out
in some of the summaries. i havent looked at all of them but in some cases
they have been replaced by other signs - see for example <â??true
identityâ??> in the summary for the talk on "Peer Reproduction". When
there are a lof of these mistakes, it makes it a little hard to read.



Hi all!

I worked a lot in our conference planning system recently and now a
*very* preliminary program is online at

Please note that the schedule has absolutely no meaning yet. I just
distributed the events to slots on a random basis. This needs lots of
overworking and restructuring. Because of this and because a lot of
information from speakers is still missing please don't advertise
widely at the moment.

The main reason for this early program is that we have an online
reference for what we have right now in terms of contributions. I.e.
the most interesting page probably is



Mathieu O'Neil, Ph.D

Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute
The Australian National University
Room 4101, Coombs Building (9)
ACT 0200 - Australia

E-mail: mathieu.oneil
Tel: (61) 2 61 25 38 00


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