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Re: [spox] Re: Accomodation in London

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sems like a good suggestion,

as presumably these groups also have hospitality potential ...

what's the news on holding it at LSE?


On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 11:08 PM, mp <mp> wrote:

There are various social centres and autonomous/radical studies
groups/networks in London that perhaps could serve as venue.

See for instance:

Stefan Merten wrote:
Dear Tatiana and all!

Yesterday Tatiana Bazzichelli wrote:
but it could be good to have a cheap solution for sleeping - do you know
a place close to the conf venue to stay?

We are caring about this topic at the moment. One way we are exploring
whether it is possible to employ peer hospitality for this - which is
probably easier in London than in Manchester. Also flights to London
seem to be cheaper than to Manchester - probably because of good old
capitalist competition ;-) .

Probably some of you will have also acquaintances in London where you
can stay lowering the costs further. But *if* we move to London then
I'll ask you about this in a separate post.

Where is exactly the conference located? This could help also for
thinking about the travel there an airport of station close
to it?

A major airport close to the location is indeed one of the
preconditions when looking for conference locations. In Manchester it
will be in the University. In London I did not figure out where the
location is exactly.




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