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Fix for encoding (was: Re: [spox] *Very* preliminary conference program online)

Hi Christian!

Management summary: Problem fixed.

5 days ago Christian Siefkes wrote:
Stefan Merten wrote:
Thank you very much for this bug report. I checked and in fact though
the page says it is UTF-8 encoded the browser (aka Firefox) thinks it
is ISO-8859-1. If you explicitly switch to UTF-8 then it works. I'll
replace "bad" characters in the respective descriptions by less
problematic ones.

Firefox does the right thing -- it's your webserver which claims that the
page is ISO-8859-1. You'll have to reconfigure the server, or else adapt the
pages stored there.

Thanks a lot for the analysis. Indeed the Web Server says this and
though the web page itself says something else the browser believes
the web server more :-/ .

I fixed this by switching the default encoding off. I checked a few
other pages and think this won't break anything and doesn't confuse
browsers any longer.



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