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Re: [spox] Accommodation during conference

ok for me

2009/3/8 Stefan Merten <smerten>:
Dear all,

Last week (12 days ago) Stefan Merten wrote:
I'm trying to organize accommodation at the moment. I'll try to
organize accommodation for all speakers so you don't have the hassle
with booking and the like.

first of all: Thanks for your cooperation by responding in time.
Though conference organization is a lot of work it turns into fun if
people cooperate like this :-) .

I think we have three categories of speakers:

* Simple

  I'm happy with some place on the floor and would not mind a room
  with multiple persons.

* Standard

  I need more comfort and would like to have a single room.

I suggested a couple of options for hotels but finally reduced it to:

  * Etap Hotel Manchester

    A standard Etap Hotel. Prices start at 32GBP.

They are selling rooms instead of for persons and so for those with
category simple I reserved a room with double occupancy. In the end
this was even cheaper than the Youth Hostel. The Gardens Hotel is
fully booked on that weekend BTW.

Here is what I just booked:

* From Thursday, March 26th - Tuesday, March 31st:

 * 1 room for double occupancy (Mathieu O'Neil, Diego Saravia).

    Mathieu: This means that accomodation-wise it doesn't matter
   whether you arrive in Manchester on Thursday or on Friday. In fact
   it would probably be nice if you arrive on Thursday already.

* From Thursday, March 26th - Sunday, March 29th:

 * 2 rooms for single occupancy (Stefan Merten, Michel Bauwens)

* From Friday, March 27th - Sunday, March 29th:

 * 1 room for double occupancy (Johan Söderberg, Raoul Victor)

 * 2 rooms for single occupancy (Franz Nahrada, Herbert Hrachovec)

    Franz: If you decide to stay until Monday we need to extend the

I'm also going to recommend the Etap hotel for normal conference
participants so this will be a nice place to meet for all in the
mornings and evenings :-) .

In addition Yuwei managed to get 4 private beds in her neighborhood.
Yuwei already invited

* Tatiana Bazzichelli
* Christina Haralanova

In addition at the moment I'd send

* Jacco Lammers
* Christian Siefkes


The CouchSurfing initiative so far also resulted in two offers -
though I have to check this out finally. At the moment I'd send

* Smári McCarthy
* Marcin Jakubowski

to CouchSurfers.

BTW: I used two criteria for deciding who to send to private
accommodation: Needs only two nights and needs refunding.

All other speakers either said they care for accomodation themselves
or didn't contact me meaning the same.

I hope this is ok with you.



Diego Saravia

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