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Re: [spox] Major financial problems

On Monday 19 January 2009, Stefan Merten wrote:
Dear James and all!

Last week (10 days ago) James Howison wrote:
Would one possibility be re-scheduling the conference to coincide (or
even co-located) with other conferences that people may be attending.


Thank you very much for your tips. However, as of now we are not
considering re-scheduling the conference. It is possible that we need
to take this option but so far I'm still hoping that the last weekend
in March will work - though there is some probability that we move to
London. If we need to postpone the conference then we have a new
situation anyway and need to reconsider a couple of things - including
your ideas.

For me will arrange changing the date. (I really prefer)

And also in London to be : ) since there are flights from Genova.

I can afford Genova-London, the problem is bed, but as Diego says, for me is 
enough a couple of sqm under some bridge.


In any case the organizers will make a decision whether the conference
takes place as planned at end of January so everybody can plan.



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