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Re: [spox] My Oekonux slides

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publishing a note on this on the 21st:

all commentary on that thesis more than welcome,


2009/4/6 Philippe Aigrain <philippe.aigrain>

This was developed in :
UNU-MERIT and partners, Study on the economic impact of open source
on innovation and the competitiveness of the information and communication
technologies (ICT) sector in the EU.,
November 2006.
See pages 123 to 126. A point of caution on interpreting these figures :
notion of providing means to non-market information exchanges includes
providing means to exchanges within organizations or across organizations
is not just about individuals).


Le dimanche 5 avril 2009, Michel Bauwens a écrit :
Dear Philippe,

In your notes you say this, and it is very important, so I would really
appreciate if you could expand/document etc.. (eventually for publication
of a piece on this in our p2p blog):

There are clear signs of this : the share of GDP
of providing means to non-market exchanges of
information is twice bigger in developed countries
to the economy of selling informationg as goods or

Thanks for considering my request,


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