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Re: [spox] Speakers introduction is what I use as a bio. Does that work?


-- Vinay Gupta
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On Mar 24, 2009, at 9:58 PM, mathieu wrote:


This is a message for the people whose sessions I am chairing. If you are comfortable with the idea, I can introduce you, but I would need to have some biographical info. So, if you want me to introduce you please let me
know. Maybe it is better to send by private email. Specifically:

- in the case of
Philippe Aigrain
Christian Siefkes
Christina Haralonova:

Is it OK to use the bio on the [ox] conference site? If somehing else
needs to be said, could you please let me know.

- in the case of
Michel Bauwens
Vinay Gupta:

Could you please send me whatever bio info you want me to mention?

Thanks to all,


Dear all,

I will try to have the video ready for tomorrow.



On Tue, 24 Mar 2009, Stefan Merten wrote:

Dear Yuwei,

Today Yuwei Lin wrote:
There's no landline telephone in the lecture room,

we will use a mobile phone. If at least one part of the connection is
landline then it is cheaper.

What's still missing is loud speakers.

I just addressed this on the helpers list.

Could Stevan please send his slides to us in advance so that we can
the slides from the terminal at Manchester?

Stevan should send a video - or put it somewhere on the Internet where
it can be downloaded easily. It would indeed be good if Stevan could
do this tomorrow so we have a chance to check this.



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