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Re: [spox] Conference schedule V0.8

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Hi Stefan,

probably better to give that another name, as it implies that others are not
or less meaningful?


On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 5:01 AM, Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:


I now created a new schedule which is far closer to the final version

There are two major changes:

* Meaningful tracks

 I introduced meaningful tracks bundling several events under a
 single topic. I created those tracks according to the topics I
 introduced in the announcement:

 * Beyond Free Software
 * Aspects of Free Software
 * Social movements
 * Theories on peer production
 * Future of peer production
 * Special

 I used the tracks to avoid scheduling two events from the same track
 at the same time.

 Apart from that though the previous schedule was *very* preliminary
 I tried to not move people around compared to the previous schedule.

* Starting at Friday 14:00

 Yuwei (the person who does the local organization - thank you
 Yuwei!) told me that it would be better to finish on Friday at
 17:00. This would mean that we need to start three hours earlier.

 I know this is a major nuisance as far as your planned arrival is
 concerned. I tried to take this into account by moving tolerant
 people in the very early slots (like me ;-) ).

You can find the result of these considerations at

*Please* check this schedule until

        Sunday, March 1st

If you are a speaker then please make sure you are in Manchester at
the time your talk is scheduled. If you are not available please
contact me immediately with information about your availability.

If you are on [pox] and you have ideas on improving the schedule feel
free to make suggestions (on [pox]).

After this deadline I'd like to create the final version 1.0 of the



Working at - -

Volunteering at the P2P Foundation:  - -

Monitor updates at

The work of the P2P Foundation is supported by SHIFTN,

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