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Re: [spox] Major financial problems

Would one possibility be re-scheduling the conference to coincide (or even co-located) with other conferences that people may be attending. for example I'm most likely going to the IFIP 2.13 conference on open source:

I'm on the program committee there and I think they'd be amenable to having this as a pre-post conference workshop, thus providing meeting space. Of course this only helps for travel for those that were already going there ... (academic conferences like this don't fund their presenters).

Or one of the more industry open source conferences (eg O'Reilly Open Source Europe, or ApacheCon Europe)? You could whip up a quick web survey of related conferences that speakers might already be traveling to and see if there's enough overlap to make it worthwhile.


On 8 Jan 2009, at 10:39 PM, Michel Bauwens wrote:

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Hi Stefan,

sorry to hear that,

and also that, as co-organizer, I have not been able to do more ...

however, I have found it impossible, faced with my own emergencies, and with a community that could not help, to find the space to do fundraising for others, when I could not bring enough food on the table for my own family

good news, I now have a job in bkk, which will bring a regular paycheck, institutional affiliation, and closeness to movers and shakers in my country
of adoption ...

hopefully I will relax in my new situation and then be able in the future,
to help other projects more,

thanks for telling us when that page is operational, as I read it is not


On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 6:18 PM, Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:

Dear speakers,

yesterday I learned that our application of a big grant to support the 4th Oekonux Conference has been rejected. We had hoped that this grant
would be the backbone of our funding for the conference but it is now
clear this won't be the case. Now we need to think very hard how to
deal with the situation. There are a couple of options and we
carefully need to check them out.

Unfortunately this means that as of now we can *not* guarantee that we
will be able to remunerate your travel and accommodation costs. So

                   do *not* book any flights now

In addition we need to know how much money we actually need for
remuneration. So far we have only some estimates and we need to have
hard numbers here so we know how much we need. For this we need your

In our conference planning system you can tell

                  whether you need remuneration

of travel and/or accommodation costs and how much money you need for
travelling. See

for some hints on how to do this. Since we need a basis for further
planning I have to set a deadline for your feedback. Please give us
feedback until

                      Sunday, January 18th

Please note: By default this option is set to *no need* for
remuneration. So if you need remuneration you *must* check the
respective options and fill in the amount for travel remuneration. If
the respective boxes are not checked after the deadline above we
assume that you do not expect remuneration from us. The amount need
not be exact to the Euro cent but also should be in a range of +/-10%
about the real costs.

In case you have any trouble with the conference planning system don't
hesitate to get back to me or simply post to this list. I'll be glad
to assist you.



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