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Re: [spox] Current state of affairs and requests for you

Dear Athina, mp, all

4 hours ago mp wrote:
Athina Karatzogianni wrote:
Thanks Stefan, just a note to make here. London accommodation is
extortionate and moving the conference there (if that is what you are
thinking of) might not be  the best of ideas.

We are thinking of moving the conference there, yes.

If it is a matter of flying
there more easily I think you will find Manchester airport a very frequent
and cheap destination as well.

I think that London is much easier to get to for most people. Personally
I live very close to Manchester, and it would be easier for me, but in
London I also know more people (to stay with) than I know in Manchester,
which I am sure is the case for most. Also, in London there are more
social centres and squats that potentially can offer free accomodation
for those in need.

This is what I'm hoping for. I hope that

* some speakers can find private accommodation themselves

  We had a similar phenomenon in Berlin where we only needed two or
  three places to stay.

* we get more peer hospitality than in Manchester

  Just because London is bigger.

* we find social centres and things for mass accommodation.

We tried to find cheap / free accommodation in Manchester but it seems
to be impossible. For London I'm far more opmtimistic in this regard.



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