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Re: [spox] Current state of affairs and requests for you

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Dear All,

Thanks Stefan, just a note to make here. London accommodation is
extortionate and moving the conference there (if that is what you are
thinking of) might not be  the best of ideas. If it is a matter of flying
there more easily I think you will find Manchester airport a very frequent
and cheap destination as well.

For me personally it takes the same time with the train to get to both
places so it doesnt make any difference, but as a city London is far more
expensive as well. Ihave lived there and prices are almost double from what
is up north in the UK scheme of things. Accommodation is extremely difficult
to find in reasonable states, and if you do as I said super expensive.

Perhaps by 'moving to london' you meant sth else and not the conference and
I got it all wrong



On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 12:50 PM, Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:

Dear all,

here is some information about the current state of affairs and some
requests to (some of) you.

Our financial situation improved a bit again because one possible
sponsor decided to become a real sponsor. There are still two possible
sponsors who have not decided yet. Though the budget is still tight
and risky I still think it'll work.

Whether we move to London or not is still not finally decided. I'll
try to figure this out during the next days with top priority.

A request for accommodation in London is on its way though right now I
have no idea of its current state. Michel?

Meanwhile we lost two speakers (Stuart Langridge and Stefan Meretz)
because they have urgent personal matters durings this weekend :-( .

Next thing we need is a conference announcement. This announcement
should reflect what we will present on the conference. For this we
need your help. In case you did not do so already please enter an

                     abstract and a description

of your event in our conference planning system. Please check

for what we need for each contribution. Please note that in some cases
I edited

       Submission of paper for proceedings
       Submission of presentation slides

for some contributions to make the system happy enough to produce a
schedule :-/ . Please check whether this still matches your plans.
Also please note that we require either a paper or the presentation

To create a schedule I also reduced durations above 1h30 to 1h30.
Please speak up if this is a problem for you.

BTW: This is a conference where discussion is given high relevance.
Thus we have relatively long slots so there is enough room for a
proper presentation and a proper discussion afterwards. However, 1h30
contains also contains a 15 minute break.

After that we can go on to create a real schedule. For this we need
your help again. Unless you already did please enter

                         your availability

in the conference planning system. In general we welcome if a speaker
is available during the whole conference and this is also the default
in the system. So in case you plan to join us during the whole
conference you don't need to do anything here. If you can not join us
during the whole time please uncheck the times when you are not

Also unless you already did we require a

                         short description

of you. It should give people a bit of background about you.

Please see

for all the details we require from you.

In case you have trouble logging into the conference planning system
or to work with it please do not hesitate to contact me. I guess for
some of you it is a bit of a nuisance to work with this but please
understand it saves us lots of work.

PS: This time the links are correct - I triple checked ;-) .



Dr Athina Karatzogianni
Lecturer in Media, Culture and Society
The University of Hull
United Kingdom
phone: ++44 (0) 1482 46 5790

Check out Athina's work:

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'Today the problem is that the glaciers are melting too quickly, and the
ideas that constructed world politics not quickly enough' Ken Booth 2007.

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