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Re: Cross-posting to [spox] (was: Re: [spox] Re: Hubs as entrypoints to P2P culture, was: P2P living environments)

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sounds like a good idea for spox,

regarding list-en, do you want me to delete them from discussions
originating in p2presearch?

I know you said it's acceptable, but perhaps not recommended?

I made the same observation, that too many lists were being copied,

I imagine the authors like to reach both audiences


On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 12:46 AM, Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:


At the moment there are some threads which are cross-posted between
several mailing lists including [ox-en] and [p2p-research]. In general
the Netiquette considers such cross-posting harmful though the
cross-posting between these two lists named above seems to be
acceptable to me at the moment.

However, cross-posting to [spox] is not so good because everyone who
is interested in these topics by now probably has subscribed to
[ox-en]. Thererfore I stopped approving cross-posts from non-speakers
to [spox] and kindly ask the speakers to consider whether
cross-posting here is really needed. Please keep in mind that speakers
are subscribed here forcefully for organizational issues and are not
expected to accept traffic of this sort.



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