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Re: [spox] Audio recording

I have a Zoom H2 audio recorder which works pretty well for recording talks. I'll bring it.


Vinay Gupta
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On Mar 22, 2009, at 8:04 PM, Stefan Merten wrote:

Dear speakers,

there is one topic left which really makes me feel uncomfortable.

What we definitely need is audio recording for all sessions. However,
it seems to be problematic to get the necessary recording equipment

So if anyone has access to recording equipment for the three main
tracks and may be an additional for a spontaneous session this would
be great. Every contribution is welcome.

What we need at the very minimum is:

* 3-4 microphones

  They need to work well on laptops. At best this has been checked
  before the conference.

  Best microphones for this conference would be omnidirectional.

  I can bring one with me but we still need 2-3 microphones.

* 3-4 microphone tripods

* 3-4 laptops

  They would be connected to the microphones and do the recording.
  They need enough free hard disk space so recording to a
  non-compressed format in stereo CD quality is possible long enough.

  At best they could simply stand there and record and record and
  record... The gaps between two sessions would be cut afterwards.

Other recording equipment would be of course nice but ultimately the
recordings need to be brought to a computer.

It will be the duty of the session helpers to care about the technical
equipment. At the very minimum they need to care for that the
microphone is used.




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