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Re: [spox] Announcement of 4th Oekonux Conference


Posted to AIR-L and Fibreculture-announce.


Dear all,

please distribute the following conference announcement as quick and
as far as possible.

It is also available at

where there are links to the respective events.

Frankly I think we have got an impressive program :-) .



=== 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< === 8< ===

		       Free Software and Beyond

		     The World of Peer Production

			4th Oekonux Conference

			 in cooperation with

			    P2P Foundation


Project Oekonux researches the economical, political and social forms of
Software and similar forms of production we collectively call peer
In Project Oekonux, different people with different reasons and different
approaches get together to build something new. A lot of participants want
know, whether and if so, how, the peer production can serve as a basis for
new society.

For the 4th Oekonux Conference Project Oekonux cooperates with the P2P
Foundation. The Foundation for Peer to Peer Alternatives researches,
and promotes P2P practices in every domain of social life. It's a global
cyber-collective and aims to be a knowledge and internetworking platform
open/free, participatory, and commons-oriented initiatives on a global

During the past decade the phenomenon of Free Software has become
and well-known. It is still amazing how in the realm of software the
of so many volunteers leads to products which are useful for the whole
Ten years after Project Oekonux was founded the world has changed. As
by us the principles of the development of Free Software are spreading out
other fields. Wikipedia and Open Access are two of the most interesting
examples among many. It is time to look at peer production from a broader

The 4th Oekonux conference

		       Free Software and Beyond

		     The World of Peer Production

takes up this development and widens the perspective from Free Software to
other fields of peer production. Project Oekonux and P2P Foundation are
to welcome nearly 30 invited contributors which will share their
studies and insights with us on the following topics

 * Peer production beyond Free Software
   + Free Design of material goods for less industrialized countries
   + Open Source Car
   + Free Science with Open Access
   + Open Street Map project
   + Peer production in art
   + Free Farming
   + Free Knitting
 * Aspects of Free Software
   + Free Software in Latin America
   + Innovation in Free Software
   + "Others" in the community
   + Communities and single developers
   + Women in Free Software
 * Peer production and social movements
   + The Hipatia project
   + Social movements and peer production
   + Indigenous movements and cyberspace
 * Theories on peer production
   + Patterns in peer production
   + Market and peer production based economies
   + Peer production and the concept of truth
   + Organization in peer production
 * Future of peer production
   + Current limitations of peer production
   + Money and peer production
   + Ideas for expanding peer production
   + Political scenarios for expanding peer production

Please see the program page for detailed information and some more

After the inspiration of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Oekonux Conference we hope
expect that in an open atmosphere critical voices as much as the
enthusiasm of
the hackers of all kinds once more will merge into a creative process. We
and expect, that again the wide range of presentations contributed by
international participants from science and practice will lead to new
and broader understanding for all. We hope and expect, that as before we
have a lot of fun :-) .

4th Oekonux Conference

March 27th-29th, 2009

University of Manchester

Please register for free


Mathieu O'Neil, Ph.D

Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute
The Australian National University
Room 4101, Coombs Building (9)
ACT 0200 - Australia

E-mail: mathieu.oneil
Tel: (61) 2 61 25 38 00


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