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Re: [spox] Conference stays in Manchester

Hi Stefan, all,

Stefan Merten wrote:
15 minutes ago Stefan Merten wrote:
The conference will take place in Manchester as
planned before. I.e. 

			  27th to 29th, 2009


in the University.

This also means: Please book your flights now. Please see

for some hints on cheap flights.

Which are the best times to arrive at and to leave Manchester? According to
the schedule, the conference starts on the 27th at 17h and ends at the 29th
at about 14h. As I understand it, the schedule is preliminary, but are these
times already correct?

It's of course important to limit the number of nights in Manchester to
reduce accomodation costs, so I would try to arrive around Midday or so of
the 1st day and leave in the afternoon/evening of the 3rd day. But of course
I don't want to miss a part of the actual conference program...

Best regards

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