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Re: [spox] Current conference budget

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This is a very great news!

Happy to come :)


speakers on January 23, 2009 at 8:48 AM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] wrote:
Dear speakers,

yesterday evening I added the costs of those who mailed me in one way
or another to our conference planning system. I also improved a few
things such as converting all amounts to Euro.

In total 14 speakers need a remuneration of travel expenses. This is
about the half of you. For the other half I only can say thank you for
your generosity. I think I'm saying this in the name of the whole
organizing team as well as the Oekonux and P2P Foundation communities.

I then calculated whether under these conditions we can expect to
gather enough money for paying these costs. In fact at this point I
think it *is* possible - in particular if we move to London and in any
case financing will be very tight.

So for the moment I'm very happy to say that the conference will take
place from March 27th to 29th in the UK :-) :-) .



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