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The Conference

In collaboration with the P2P FoundationRemote link Project OekonuxRemote link is currently preparing the 4th Oekonux ConferenceRemote link. It is going to take place in Manchester 27-29 March 2009.

It is titled

Free Software and Beyond

The World of Peer Production

This is a conference where Free Software and other on-line peer production phenomenons like Wikipedia or OpenAccess will be researched and discussed.

Oekonux conferences are at the junction of community and science. They attract a diverse group of audience ranging from academic researchers to the general public. We have seen

taking part in the previous Oekonux conferences.

If you need more information about the conference please visit the conference web siteRemote link.

Funding Needed

As virtual communities, neither Project OekonuxRemote link nor the P2P FoundationRemote link needs much money for day to day operation. We have secured local volunteers to help with the organisation of the conference. However, to make this conference possible we need money to pay for travel costs and accommodation for the invited speakers. That is why we are raising funds.

Your Benefits

Here are your main benefits of supporting the 4th Oekonux ConferenceRemote link

Our Offering

We are offering a number of ways to realize those benefits. Please check through our building blocks.

To simplify things we introduced sponsorship levels to give a clear indication of what you get for your sponsorship. Please use the following table as our offering.

Sponsorship levels
Benefit Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Possible tax relief
Option to present a conference banner
Listed on the conference web site
Your logo on the conference web site  
One free registration  
Short text about your company / organization on conference web site    
Logo in conference announcement    
Two free registrations    
Short brochure about your company / organization in conference package      
Support for acceptance of your contribution      
Cost 500 EUR 1000 EUR 2000 EUR 4000 EUR


If you are interested in sponsoring the conference please contact Stefan Merten at

smerten AT oekonux DOT de