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General FAQ

Table of Contents

About the organization of the conference

Who is the organizer of the conference?

Official organizer of the conference is the Projekt Oekonux e.V.Remote link together with the P2P FoundationRemote link.

At this point we thank all named and unnamed supporters of the conference for their involvement without which the conference would not be possible. An overview over the sponsers is available at the front pageLocal link.

How many presentations are planned in total?

There will be about twenty-five planned presentations, which are announced in the programLocal link. Spontaneous sessions may be added.

How many presentations will run in parallel?

We will have three parallel tracks.

Is there a program?

You may view the programLocal link in various forms.

About the visitors of the conference

What is the target group of the conference?

The conference is a means to support understanding each other in the Project OekonuxRemote link and with other people who come to similar questions in their field. This ranges from Free hardware projects to political analyses.

Open-mindedness regarding other approaches but also the possibility of sustaining criticism are important. But above all a desire for a (joint) development and learning is needed.

How many people do you expect at the conference?

The first conference has been attended by about 170 persons, the second and third by about 150. We will be able to give estimates if you follow the request for registrationLocal link.

Conference documentation

Will the conference be documented?

We want to document all contributions by a paper or the slides presented. However, since this is an exhausting task stay tuned until everything is complete.

Will there be recordings?

We want to audio record all contributions and will put them to the conference web site. However, it may take some time until the material is prepared.

Helping the conference

Does it help if I register?

It definitely will help us if you registerLocal link for the conference. Then we can estimate better for how many people we need to be prepared.

May I tell others about the conference?

This is one of the easiest ways to help the conference.

Do you have a logo I can put on a web site?

We have a collection of logosLocal link for the conference.

Do you need money?

If it is possible for you, you may support the conference by donatingRemote link some money to the Projekt Oekonux e.V.Remote link (registered association to support Oekonux in case a legal entity is needed).

As reason for transfer please only give donation. If you mention the conference in the reason for transfer we must use the money for the conference due to association law. This makes us less flexible.

In case you have any questions here please contact smerten AT oekonux DOT de.

Do you need help during the conference itself?

We need people for different tasks on the conference. If you would like to do that, please contact the Oekonux project teamMail link or simply subscribe to the mailing list for helpersRemote link.


Liability and Insurance

Neither the organizers (Oekonux Project and P2P foundation) nor the local helpers from Manchester will assume any responsibility whatsoever for damage or injury to persons or property during the conference. Participants are recommended to arrange for their personal travel and health insurance.

Are there more FAQs?

We have a special visitor FAQLocal link and a speaker FAQLocal link.

Where can I ask further questions, mention wishes, make suggestions, or complain?

For all questions, wishes, suggestions, and complaints about the conference please contact the Oekonux project teamMail link.