And ideas on how to overcome them

Author: Stefan Merten

Date: 2009-03-27, Manchester

Organization: Project Oekonux


Current limitations of peer production

The source of the power

Criteria for peer production: Openness

Criteria for peer production: Selbstentfaltung

Power from a new mode of production

Basis of contemporary peer production

Internet as technological basis

Skilled volunteers as human basis

Contemporary limitations

Availability of machinery

Availability of skilled volunteers

Tasks hard to conceptualize as Selbstentfaltung

No principle limitation: Physical products

Overcoming machinery limitations

Sponsored machinery for information production

Sponsored machinery for manufacturing designs

Cheap / universal machinery

More sophisticated technology

Overcoming Selbstentfaltung limitations

Expanding Free time

Extending and using Selbstentfaltung

Using capitalism

Learning from capitalism

Leveraging capitalism

Wrap up


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