Sound recordings

The cut and edited recordings are available at the URLs in the following table:

Event Speaker URL Size
Current limitations of peer productionLocal link Stefan MertenLocal link    
c,mm,n - open-source mobilityLocal link Jacco LammersLocal link    
The social impact of online tribal bureaucracyLocal link Mathieu O'NeilLocal link    
On the affinities and disaffinities among free software, peer-to-peer access, and open access to peer-reviewed researchLocal link Stevan HarnadLocal link    
Oekonux & P2P FoundationLocal link Stefan MertenLocal link, Michel BauwensLocal link    
Peer Production EverywhereLocal link Christian SiefkesLocal link    
Women's Participation to Free and Open Source Software DevelopmentLocal link Christina HaralanovaLocal link    
Building the World's First, Replicable, Open Source Global VillageLocal link Marcin JakubowskiLocal link JakubowskiLocal link 65MB
Confronting the difficulties of learning from the open source for contemporary social movementsLocal link Athina KaratzogianniLocal link    
A Pattern Language Of The Postindustrial SocietyLocal link Franz NahradaLocal link    
Free Software in Latin America, State and CommunityLocal link Diego SaraviaLocal link    
The End of (artificial) ScarcityLocal link Smári McCarthyLocal link McCarthyLocal link 59MB
"Peer reproduction"?Local link Silke MeyerLocal link MeyerLocal link 48MB
Money and Peer ProductionLocal link Raoul VictorLocal link VictorLocal link 70MB
Open Street Map SessionLocal link John McKerrellLocal link McKerrellLocal link 55MB
Socrates, Truth and Peer ProductionLocal link Herbert HrachovecLocal link HrachovecLocal link 62MB
Ronja - Darknet of LightsLocal link Johan SöderbergLocal link SöderbergLocal link 63MB
Conditions for synergy between free non-market exchanges and the economyLocal link Philippe AigrainLocal link AigrainLocal link 62MB
Ending Poverty with Open HardwareLocal link Vinay GuptaLocal link GuptaLocal link 65MB
The Art of NetworkingLocal link Tatiana BazzichelliLocal link BazzichelliLocal link 62MB
Political Scenarios for a peer to peer worldLocal link Michel BauwensLocal link    
4th Oekonux Conference and BeyondLocal link All    
An empirical study of division of labour in free software developmentLocal link George DafermosLocal link    
The next phase in civilisation: post-scarcity through open-source design and advanced automationLocal link Charles CollisLocal link    

Here are some raw recordings which still need cutting and enhancing. If you want to take the time to work on this please contact smerten AT oekonux DOT de.

URL Events Size
day1_room1_144446Local link Current limitations of peer production, c,mm,n - open-source mobility 86MB
day2_room1_094202Local link Oekonux & P2P Foundation 49MB
day2_room2_113513Local link Free Software in Latin America, State and Community, The End of (artificial) Scarcity 72MB
day2_room2_124340Local link "Peer reproduction"?, Money and Peer Production, Open Street Map Session 95MB
day3_room1_122131Local link 4th Oekonux Conference and Beyond 41MB
day3_room3_102142Local link The next phase in civilisation: post-scarcity through open-source design and advanced automation 43MB

The recordings have been done by Chris, Richard and Mick, Stefan Merten, Herbert Hrachovec, Vinay Gupta, Matthew Larsen, and Friedrich Lindenberg.

Post-processing of the material has been done by Chris and friends from Indymedia.